Our story


The olive tree has been growing in many parts of Greece since ancient times (e.g. Plato’s Olive Tree in Colonos – Athens).

In our homeland Aigialeia of the Achaia Municipality, olive trees have been also cultivated since a long time ago. In 1945 my grandfather Andreas and my father Dimitris planted in their fields (which until then cultivated the black currant) many wild roots of olive trees from the surrounding hills which then were multiplied. Our olive tree cultivar is called Koroneiki, an exceptional species in yield and quality.

Nowadays we have modern facilities and equipment so that the harvesting and production of olive oil is faster and better in quality. The oil is placed in special stainless steel containers of 300 and 500 liters. Old ceramic jars and tin cans have been replaced by most olive oil producers.
The development of the branches, flowering, way of collection and the fertilization is always being supervised by an agriculturist. Our produced olive oil produced is pure virgin olive oil with acidity of 0,20 – 0,60.

Our Vision

Despite the fact that i left Aigio at the age of 18 to study at Athens University of Economics and Business, Aigio – my hometown was always in my mind. Half a century of high-level career in the private, banking and public sectors have failed to eliminate my love for the land of Aigialeia and its excellent products. One of them is the olive oil of our region produced from Koroneiki olives.
Our goal is to share with you the benefits of our olive oil and discover the flavors of our region.

Our Name

In Ancient Aigio, sanctuary of Zeus, which was called Omarios or Omagyrios, was at its peak. The temple of Zeus in Aigio earned its reputation as a gathering place for the Greeks to solve common problems; one example is the gathering of Achaean lords under the leadership of Agamemnon, which is also mentioned by Pausanias. Reason of the gathering was the Trojan Campaign. That meeting gave Zeus sanctuary the nickname Omarios.

Panagiotis Alexopoulos, Founder